10 interesting active adult lifestyles

If you are 55 plus and considering retirement you should be busy preparing. The last third of your life is here, so you had better put in some effort to make it worthwhile.


Here are 10 interesting active adult lifestyles to consider:

  • Professional volunteer. You can volunteer in your community, internationally, or somewhere else in your own country. Full-time or part-time. Use the Internet to find opportunities that match your interests.
  • Continuing education and/or culture. Many active adults pursue courses or relocate somewhere close to the cultural activities they enjoy.
  • College town. Similar to the above, living in a college town usually provides tremendous cultural and education opportunities.
  • City life. For many, the idea of living in a sleek apartment high above the street and taking an elevator to emerge amidst countless restaurants, museums, and galleries is heaven on earth.
  • Small towns. A lot of other people crave the connections that can come from living in a town small enough to know your neighbors. Being able to walk or bike downtown is always a plus.
  • Living near family and friends. The primary driver for most people is being near family and friends. The ability to be a part of your children’s and grandchildren’s lives is priceless for them.
  • Career reinvention. Whether it is your current profession or a new field, many 55 plus folks find the purpose and energy from work the highest driver in their lives.
  • A life of recreation. You’ve worked hard in life. So if you can afford it, find a town or 55 plus active adult community that provides the recreational and sports that keep your body healthy and your mind engaged.
  • Living abroad. A life in a foreign country, for part or all of the year, is very appealing to many. The cultural rush and sometimes, the lower costs and better weather, are key factors as well.
  • Hobbies. Maybe you raise orchids. Perhaps you love to travel. Designing a retirement lifestyle that centers on your hobbies can be very fulfilling.



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