Just What is a 55 Plus Active Adult – And Why Should I Care

One thing is for certain, there are a lot of people who are 55 plus these days - 74 million will be over 55 years old by 2010. That’s about 24% of the population, or nearly 1 in 4 people.

Arguably the term 55 plus active adult includes just about everybody in this age group – except for those in prison, hospitals, or who have a sedentary lifestyle. But realistically, the term “active adult” is more of a marketing description than anything else.

By applying the the term “active adult” to their products, mostly active adult communities, marketers can immediately put a lot more cachet on their development than calling them – “passive adult communities”, “inactive adult communities”, “older people communities”, or senior communities. “Active adults” serves a very important function for baby boomer marketers, a group that doesn’t want to think of themselves as old!


Why Should I Care

If you are lucky enough to be an active person – enjoy it! Your definition of what is active is more important than anyone else’s. If you are considering living in an active adult community, consider if the amenities offered are up to your personal standards for activity. If you like jogging, tennis, biking, and exercise – but your new community offers shuffleboard and bocce – don’t be fooled by the terms. Obviously that developer thinks you are a lot older and quite a bit less active than you do of yourself – so consider your purchase decision in that light.




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