Does being 55 plus mean I should live in active adult community?

In our experience people 55 plus are pretty evenly split about living in an active adult community. About half are quite interested in that idea, and the other half think that is a terrible idea.


Those who are interested in 55 active adult communities see these advantages:

  • Instant social connections. In most communities you will make more friends in your first week than it took years to make where you live now
  • Endless activities. Most active adult communities have extensive recreation and sports activities. From theatre groups to exercise classes to weaving, plus the usual sports like tennis and golf, there is something to do anytime you feel like it. You can pick the community with the activities you like best.
  • Living with your own kind of people. A lot of folks are happy to leave noisy children and fast-driving teenagers behind in their old neighborhoods
  • Modern homes designed for where you are in life. It is refreshing for many to move into a new home that is energy efficient, has a first floor MBR, easy maintenance, and the right size.

Those who hate the idea of active adult communities

A lot of people would never consider an active adult community for some or all of these reasons:

  • Too homogenous. They miss the children and younger people. And they don’t like having neighbors who are eerily similar to themselves.
  • Too boring. Many developments are out in the boondocks. Life far away from a city or downtown seems like a bad, boring idea Don’t like the activities. Many people don’t like golf, tennis, or joining clubs. So they figure - why should they pay for them.
  • Rules. Most 55+ developments are run by Home Owners Associations (HOAs) that have many rules in place to protect a certain lifestyle. If you don’t want someone else saying what kind and how many pets you can have, what you can put on your lawn or what color you paint your house, a 55 plus active adult community might be a terrible mistake.




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