So you are a 55 plus active adult – Should you work or not?

In many people’s opinion, human beings (like their pets) are happiest when there is a purpose to their life.

So our advice would be – if you are 55 plus you should have some kind of purpose. That purpose might be to enjoy recreational activities, charitable work, or it might be in a job –paid or not. The best plan is to have an idea what your work will be before you retire.

Start by making a list of the things you like to do now. If the list is embarrassingly short, then expand it to things you would like to do in the future. The second step is to plan how you are going to accomplish those activities –does it mean moving, joining a club, going to school, or getting in shape? If work is all you know and you enjoy it, then work is probably what you should be doing.



Unfortunately these days many 55 plus active adults don’t have a choice about working or not. They just don’t have enough income to do otherwise. For those folks the next step is to figure out what kind of work they want to do, and where. If part-time work would be acceptable, consider a move to a area where there are those kind of jobs. Tourist destinations are usually great for part-time work. People whose skills allow them to work remotely are fortunate in that they can live anywhere and still get employment. Others should move where the jobs are. Check job boards and use census data to find that information out.




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